Thursday, February 19, 2009

Report from the 1st day of chemo

I'm relieved and happy to report that the MRI results from Monday were good. It did not show any active and questionable areas and the margins looked clear. I didn't learn this until yesterday when I met with the Doctor during my first Chemo. Anyra came with me and her cheerful and helpful presence was such a strength and help. The room I was in was large with quite a few barca-loungers which are occupied by people getting chemo throughout the day. Some have much longer treatments. Because this was my first time, they said it might take a little longer but I probably should plan on spending half a day every three weeks. There were many infusions that they dripped into me via the port. Hardly any discomfort at all. So again, the specter of the event and the reality were different. Not as gruesome as one might imagine. The best thing is that I'm staying local so I don't have to drive many miles to another location where there's maybe more people and no-one knows anyone. The staff was friendly and caring. So when I got out of there about 6 hours later, I felt just a little light headed and dizzy...results of the fluorescent lights more than anything. (I must bring a baseball hat next time) After getting home I walked my usual little neighborhood walk which is about 2 miles and takes only just under 1/2 hour and as usual, I felt better after. Anyra and Al being here made it possible for me to relax and take care of myself. They brought me lunch during chemo and then Anyra was making the dinner so I was free to help or rest whichever I felt. I talked to Bonnie later and her encouragement and research and advice about what is helpful was a huge help. What sweeties they have been. I'm so lucky!!
So I'm cautiously optimistic now, just one day after Chemo #1.

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