Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12, 2009

My left shoulder and chest feels like a 300 lb linebacker socked me. I am assured that will fade. On the financing front, I finally got some additional (supplemental) insurance and also am applying for aide from charitable organizations to cover certain costs that might not be covered by insurance. So now I’ll go broke a little more slowly than before. I am due to start chemo on Feb 18th. It’s busy busy until then and maybe after, I can get some sort of schedule going around all the medical appointments that have to be kept. I also am going to be following a good diet (didn’t I always?) that will improve healing.


  1. Hey sweetie Augustin, Lucy and I all send you masses of love - huge waves of it are coming your way. We know you are amazing and will go through this just as you are doing in the most incredible way. And we know lovely John is by your side and we send him huge love too. I wish we were closer geographically then we could all come and give you huge hugs and tell you to your face how amazing and lovely you are.

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