Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chemo #4

This time around it is a little better mainly because of the medication I'm taking to mitigate the effects of the Taxotere which is one of the chemo drugs. Thankfully, my hands and feet aren't as sore. My energy level isn't very high but then I remind myself where I'm at in the cycle and know that in a few days, I'll be feeling better. The weather here is changeable as it is everywhere in the spring; a few days of warm weather followed by winds and cooler weather and then turning warm again. Today is one of the chilly days. It seems to go with my energy level. John even built a fire in the stove today to take the chill off the air. He hooked up the swamp cooler last week because temperatures were going into the high 90's outside, but as always, it gets cooler again. Well, life is change and change is what it is all about. How to embrace the change without resisting it is the question.
We went to a talk this AM about water in the west. Seems we're all headed for tougher times as water resources are getting more scarce and the population is growing. I look at the landscaping, such that it is, and wonder how little I could get by on without endangering the plants. And just when I was starting to contemplate adding a little garden. It's one of those days when I feel if I had a good dose of chocolate, it would set everything right!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1 week till #4

I'm counting down the time because I am counting this week as hopefully a good week. I've continued to have problems with sore hands ... and I had to stop 'walking' for about 5 days to let my feet heal. Seems this is a reaction to one of the chemo drugs and I can get a prescription for it apparently but I am uncomfortable about layering drug upon drug but I shall give it a try because the problem is debilitating. Also, I am still low on the red blood cell count and so I bought the recommended iron supplement and folic acid that is also recommended hoping to avoid a more drastic remedy. The low red count is also a side effect.
On a positive note, I walked again today with no ill effect and did my little weight 'circuit' that seems to be so beneficial and as usual, felt great afterwards.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chemo #3

This is the 10 day period when things should get a little better. I had my third chemo a week ago yesterday. This time, I walked only in my neighborhood...taking either the 1.5 mile or the 2 mile route. This seemed to work and I felt a little better. My hands were doing better but my feet were sore...and now both hands and feet are sore. Hopefully this will pass in a few days and I'll have that 'good' final 10 day period before chemo #4. Anemia was threatening to be a problem so I ate some beef to help the numbers. We'll see. I didn't want to take the iron pills because of the constipation factor as that already is a problem in the first week or so after I ate the beef but now my joints are stiffening up and starting to ache. They are great if I don't eat problem. So it is a balancing act, trying to find the way to get through this. My mornings are for getting things done and afternoons are laid back (no choice there) and the brain isn't as good either. I just can't fathom any complexities. Life simple, laid back, no hurry.... only an American would complain about that with our driving work ethic.