Friday, March 20, 2009

Reminiscing and Future Plans

I pulled out a couple of pictures from my album from times that stand out as fantastic times and possible have similar adventures again. The criteria here is 'possible'. I'd love to experience northern Scotland again and hike in some of those high misty areas with another group. That time I was with an Australian based company that every year took their employees from around the world on a trip somewhere. I was lucky enough to be working for them the year they went to England and Scotland. I loved traveling with a group and not having to worry about such basics as where to stay and eat. It is nice to have those small details taken care of so the experience of the journey becomes the focus. Camping in the Scottish Highlands, I couldn't believe that at 11:30 at night, it was still light and then dawn came a little after 3 AM, complete with bird song. Amazing. The other experience was in 1994 and we had just pulled into our camp near the Eureka Sand Dunes in DVNP. There had been a wonderful evening storm and the sunset colors on the clouds and general ambiance was magical. There wasn't a soul around and the silence of the desert soon descended below a star studded night sky. Nothing quite like it. And I must see more of our Southwest. It still calls to me and there are places I want to camp and hike in. Then there is that cruise to Alaska with Anyra which is coming up after I finish 'the treatment'.
And by the way... the wild flowers here are the best since we moved here in 2000. The local Sierra Club decided that the best wildflower hike for miles around was right here in our own hills nearby. There is an amazing display of colors.... best of course in the early morning light.

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