Thursday, March 12, 2009

2nd Chemo

Yesterday I had my 2nd Chemo treatment. It went well and I was only there 4 hours. So far, I have felt quite well. My hands are more sensitive than usual so I try and not get them wet or wash them too much while still minding rules of cleanliness. Also, if I do the dishes I always wear plastic gloves. I noticed after the first treatment, my heart felt like it was laboring more than usual when I was out walking. I continued walking as usual, breathing deeply and afterward, felt better for the walk as usual.
Towards the end of last week, after my hair had been looking so good I was even holding out hope that I wouldn't loose it, it then started falling out. I don't have much hair to loose and when the brush had much more hair than normal and my back and shoulders were covered with falling hair, I had John give me a close buzz cut. It isn't all that attractive but John, trying to help and add some humor, said I could wear the robes of a Buddhist Nun. I'll pass on that one but I have 3 wigs now and a few hats.
This continues to be an interesting journey with new insights and opportunities for feeling thankful. I appreciate all the prayers, good thoughts and well wishes as they mean so much to me.

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