Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19

I've been feeling awfully tired last few days and my hands are really sore. Dr.'s say, I need to cut back on activity.... and just take it easy. I can only watch 1 movie at a time... and I don't like TV. Reading can only be done for a short while. It's hard to take it easy! I was also feeling really bad about the wigs... they really are like rugs sitting on top of my, confining and too too big. I went to a hair salon today that specializes in wig fitting for cancer patients and took 2 of my wigs to her. She promptly trimmed the white one into the best little style. It put wind back into my sails and I was good to go for a few more hours. I'll go in next week and have the other one cut. She told me that ALWAYS wigs are sold with too much hair and one must have them trimmed. The American Cancer Society pays for this service so if you know of anyone like me, needing a wig ... tell them to call the ACS and find out if there is a salon near them that offers this service. I'd like to just go sans hair and probably will once it starts getting hot here but I have to admit, I'm a bit shy about it....because when one is 'swimming upstream', it's nice to not make too many waves doing it.
Today is my Grandson's 10th birthday. Bon said that he announced today that he has left the single digits behind and is now in the double digits. SO even though I didn't get to wish him Happy Birthday in person today when I called...I'm posting this into cyberspace and saying Happy Birthday to you...

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