Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pigeon Story May 3rd, 2010

This pigeon showed up in Keeler, Monday evening begging for a drop of water. John was out in front outfitting the LandRover for camping. He gave it a bit a water which it drank up in a hurray. It came into the garage and didn't want to leave. I think it was at that point John decided to name it Percy. At one point Percy got inside the house and clearly wanted to stay. We chased him about ...finally catching him. He was banded on both legs. The clues on the one band helped yield the info off of the internet as to the club that the owner belonged to and a name and phone number. We called and were informed the pigeons had been released this last weekend in Fernley (?) Nevada near Sparks. It was a pigeon race. 'Percy' really was off course from the intended course, west to northern CA.
I gave Percy some 7 grain raw cereal which it gobbled up. Percy spent the night in the garage, roosting on top of the garage door. In the morning there was pigeon poop dotted around the garage. As much as we wanted to befriend this little fellow, we were both leaving and didn't want to just turn him out into the open desert, so we managed to catch him again and take him down to our neighbors who feed the birds and have a lot of trees. He can hang out there and recoup before taking off again.

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